It’s not the homes we build that make us unique. It’s the way we approach homebuilding. We are really in the people business. We develop and build relationships with people and homebuilding is the way we do that. We are Wedgewood Building Company. We build in the choicest communities and we build with higher expectations of quality, functionality, price, and the building experience.

Downsizing, plus-sizing, or simply relocating, a new home means a changing lifestyle. So, when you are in the middle of a change, we eliminate the stress with a collaborative process that is all about you and your goals for living.

Understanding your lifestyle and what you want is essential.  Our goal is to create the perfect home for your new lifestyle and for us to have a better relationship at the end of our project than we did at the start. We’ll be sure your lifestyle doesn’t go backwards either, and our explanations won’t leave gaps. We know you have choices, so communication and transparency are important to an enjoyable homebuilding experience. We’ll keep you informed, and we’ll stay engaged.

We are members of the Builder’s Association of Indianapolis and the National Association of Home Builders. We are an active part of the community.  We care about every home we build, how it looks, what it does, and where it is.  We are custom homebuilders with an in-house architectural team that will make your home…well, your home.  We are your next builder. We are your friends…that you have not met yet.

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